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Good Cents - Round Up Savings Program 

With Good Cents round up savings program, we round up your purchase amount to the nearest dollar and transfer the difference to your savings.



Good Cents Equals Great Savings

With Good Cents, you can shop and save every time you use your Debit Mastercard. We will round up your purchase amount to the nearest whole dollar and transfer the difference from your checking to your savings AND match 2% of the transfers up to $50 a month. So the next time you shop, you’ll also be saving.

To sign-up for Good Cents, please complete the form below and press Submit. Please allow 1-2 business days for your Good Cents savings to begin. Please contact Customer Service with any questions at 800-531-1401.

To enroll in the Good Cents Savings Program, you must have a current and active Prosperity Bank Personal Checking, Prosperity Bank Debit MasterCard, and Personal Savings Account.

If you are a current Prosperity Bank customer and would like to enroll but do not currently have all three products, please contact Customer Service at 800-531-1401





When you enroll in the Good Cents Savings Program, the following terms may apply. In order to participate in the program, you must have three products: (1) Prosperity Bank Personal Checking (Money Market Accounts are ineligible), (2) Prosperity Bank Debit MasterCard®, (3) Prosperity Bank Personal Savings Account.

Each time you use your Prosperity Debit MasterCard® to make a point of sale purchase, Prosperity will automatically round up your purchase to the nearest whole dollar amount and transfer the amount in excess of your purchase price from your checking account into your savings account. We will add together all the change from the aggregate of purchases that post to your checking account each business day and make a single transfer at the end of the business day. At the time of the transfer, if your checking account does not have a sufficient available balance to pay the transaction or the transfer, then no transfer will occur for that day.

Prosperity will match 2% of your transfers, which will be credited to your savings account either monthly or quarterly depending on when your account pays interest, up to a maximum monthly match of $50. Your checking and savings accounts must be open and in good standing at the time the matching funds are credited.

We will only match Good Cents transfers on up to five checking accounts per depositor (including joint depositors) or up to five checking accounts per household, whichever is less.

Debit MasterCard® transactions such as ATM withdrawals, checks, wires, deposits and transfers are not transactions that are eligible for the program. We reserve the right to determine, at our sole discretion, whether a transaction is eligible to receive matching funds.

You have full access to the funds in your savings account at any time. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Your Account for withdrawal limitations associated with savings accounts.

We reserve the right to suspend, terminate, or change the Program, or your participation in the Program at any time. We may also close or convert your account to another type of account when we consider it appropriate or necessary to do so. We may terminate the Good Cents Savings Program at any time without notice. The Program only applies to consumer accounts.

The amount of the matching funds will be reported to the IRS as interest earned in the year credited on Form 1099.

Other account fees may apply. Refer to the Schedule of Fees for Consumer Accounts.

Please contact Customer Service at 800-531-1401 with any questions.

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