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How to Connect Samsung Pay to Bank Account & Verify Card


Quick and easy payments with your smartphone

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service. Available for use with your Prosperity Bank Mastercard® or Visa®  for no-touch transactions using your Samsung-produced devices. Samsung uses patented technology to work at virtually any merchant where accepted. 

  • Faster and more secure payment option
  • Swipe and go at the terminal, no-tough required
  • Easy setup
  • Actual card information is not stored on your phone

Setup is a snap

Add your card information to Samsung Pay through either of these methods:

Use your camera

Type in your information manually

When you add a Prosperity Card to the wallet, you agree to these Terms.


Frequently asked questions

Where can I use Samsung Pay?

A growing number of merchants now accept Samsung Pay. Look for the Samsung Pay or Contactless logo.

What happens if my device is stolen or lost?

If your Samsung device is ever lost or stolen, Samsung offers a free service to remotely lock or erase any personal data, including Samsung Pay. The service is called Find My Mobile and is available here: Find My Mobile 

How do I make purchases with Samsung Pay?

When you're ready to pay, open Samsung Pay on your phone. Tap Pay and select your preferred card. Tap PIN or IRIS, and then enter the required security information. Or if you have fingerprint security set up, simply place your finger on your phone's fingerprint scanner. Next, hold the back fo the phone up to the contactless reader and perform your desired actions to complete your purchase.

Does Samsung Pay work on every Samsung device?

Samsung Pay is only available on select phone and watch models. Check your phone or watch compatibility here: Samsung Device Compatibility

Are there fees for using Samsung Pay?

Nope! You’re free to use Samsung Pay as much as you like, with no additional fees.

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