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Travel Club

Experience the world with Prosperity

Prosperity Bank's Travel Club is a comfortable yet affordable way to travel close to home and or around the globe.

Our trips are well organized with every detail managed on your behalf. All you have to do is come ready for fun!

Your Travel Club Benefits:

  • Free Basic Checks (duplicates available for an additional fee)
  • A Personal Banker attentive to your financial needs
  • Free informational seminars
  • VIP Luncheons
  • 50% off safe deposit box
  • Free Notary Service & Medallion Stamp Service

Travel Club Requirements:

  • Active checking account
  • Minimum combined balance of $20,000 in any bank product(s)
Upcoming Adventures


Travel Club Coordinators

For more information, contact one of our Travel Club Coordinators in your area today.

Leslie Escalante
Travel Club Director
Phone: 361-572-6504 
Travel Club Coordinator
Dallas/Ft. Worth | East Texas | Oklahoma
Phone: 903-291-5508
Doris Brown
Travel Club Coordinator
South Texas
Phone: 361-572-6566
Travel Club Coordinator
West Texas
Phone: 806-741-2680
Diane Zuccarini
Travel Club Coordinator
Greater Houston Area
Phone: 713-861-1125
Donna Alwais
Travel Club Coordinator
Phone: 713-255-1522

Prosperity Bank's Travel Club Members are solely responsible for all travel and event expenses.

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